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These 4 designs are available as high quality poster prints in sizes A3, A4 and A5 at my winter gardens pop up shop!

So tomorrow I should be receiving my new t-shirts!

Can’t wait to see how they look and get to Sheffield to stock the pop up shop.

I’ll also be picking up some new poster prints, I’ll have 4 different designs all available in A3, A4 and A5 sizes for you guys.

Overgrown forest monsters!
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My new t-shirts will be arriving in the next couple of weeks with this design, half the order is for black prints and the other half is for an amazing blue/grey gradient print! (both on white tees)
As I am doing another pop up shop this month a large portion of the shirts will be being held back for that, but a few of each size will be placed online once I’ve received them so if you’re interested keep a keen eye out because there are only a handful in each size per colour!

June Update

Hey everyone, so I finished university for good last month which means I’ll have loads more time to do stuff on here. I’ve got a few things planned coming up which I’ll be doing on the side of looking for a job. Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to:

  • New ‘space cadet club’ t-shirt, available in black print on white shirts and a few very limited 2 colour (blue/grey) gradient prints
  • New stickers and postcards with various designs on
  • Twin Peaks zine, maybe with a special poster or cover (yet to work out the specifics)
  • Another pop up shop in Sheffield (so excited!) with some limited edition prints coming

Everything there should be finished and available for you all to get your hands on by sometime next month, so keep an eye out folks!